• Local Foods
    "Iowa spends  approximately 7.2 billion dollars on food imported from out of state. If every Iowan spent $10 a week on local food, 1.5 billion dollars would stay in Iowa."

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  • The Learning Center
    The Learning Center (TLC) of Southwest Iowa, is a non-profit organization designed to provide children who learn differently with the supplemental screening and tutoring services and support needed to achieve academic success.

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  • The Clarke County Reservoir Commission (CCRC) continues to work to build a new water supply reservoir to supply drinking water for Osceola, Woodburn, Murray, rural residents and other communities throughout Southern Iowa.  The project includes building an 816 acre lake about four miles northwest of Osceola. 

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    Resource & Conservation
Welcome to the Southern Iowa RC&D

Southern Iowa Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves a seven county area of Southern Iowa.  We work with community members and leaders to develop great ideas and build partnerships.

We are a non-profit contract service organization. Our work includes:

  • Revolving loans through rural development.
  • Accounting services
  • Administration of grants
  • Technical services within the realm of conservation.


    Southern Iowa Local Foods Initiative

    (SILFI) is working to build healthier, more prosperous communities by working to create a vibrant, regional, local foods system. By supporting local farmers and growers, we can support sustainable food practices that improve food security, health, the environment, community ties and local commerce. LEARN MORE....

      Southern Iowa RC&D
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