Local Food Resources

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Food Service Resource Guide

Food Service Resource Guide: Purchasing from local farmers, growers and producers. This guide written by Alexi Groumoutis, Local Foods Coordinator, is intended to be a starting point for restaurants, grocery stores and institutions looking to purchase from local growers. Click here to access Food Service Resource Guide


PFI provides essential resources and support for aspiring, beginning and existing farmers. They use farmer-led investigation and information sharing to help farmers practice an agriculture that benefits both the land and people.



Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) audits, certifies and supports independent family farmers raising their animals according to the highest animal welfare standards, outdoors on pasture or range. They set standards or rules that farmers must follow before they can sell their meat, eggs and dairy products using the AWA logo. Their standards have been developed in collaboration with scientists, veterinarians, researchers, and farmers across the globe to maximize practicable, high-welfare farm management.


Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass is a digital guide to help stakeholders navigate USDA resources and efforts related to local and regional food systems.




The Leopold Center is a research and education center on the campus of Iowa State University created to identify and reduce negative environmental and social impacts of farming and develop new ways to farm profitably while conserving natural resources. The Center’s work is focused in ecological systems research, marketing and food systems research, policy research and cross-cutting research that bridges all areas (water, energy, soil and alternative farming systems.



 Food and Environment:

Find local educational opportunities on Commercial Agriculture Production Efficiency and Productivity, Environmental Protection and Enhancement, Farm Business Management, Farm Transition and Beginning Farmers, Food Safety, Regional and Local Foods, Risk Management and Marketing.


Regional Food System Working Group

Representatives from more than 25 groups across Iowa meet quarterly to discuss and coordinate efforts to build more vibrant regional food systems.


 Iowa Farm to School Toolkit

Farm to School programs are connecting schools with local farms across Iowa. If you don’t have a program in your community, these tools can help you to get started.




Promoting the benefits of food gardening and produce donation to create a sustainable future and healthier communities in Iowa.



AmpleHarvest.org enables millions of growers in this country to donate excess garden produce to a local food pantry.




Inspired by the Wallace family legacy, The Wallace Centers of Iowa provides a variety of programs and services to build awareness of local food, sustainable agriculture, and civility. WCI serves both urban and rural communities with locations at the Henry A. Wallace Country Life Center in rural Orient and the Wallace House in Des Moines.



When farmers and attorneys share knowledge, the entire local food system moves forward. Farm Commons fosters the discussions and connections that build a strong legal backbone for our community.


Beginning Farmer Center

Coordinate education programs and services for beginning farmer efforts statewide.


New Pilot Program Offers Coverage for Fruits and Vegetables, Organic and Diversified Farms

2014 Farm Bill Expands Crop Insurance Options, Provides Premium Discounts for Qualified Operations



Our mission is to link and empower women to build food systems and communities that are healthy, just, sustainable, and that promote environmental integrity.



Iowa Farmers Market Association educates the public about the many benefits of locally-grown, fresh food and they promote farmers markets and continuing education for market managers and vendors. IFMA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.



Welcome to the Farmers Market Manager Frequently Asked Questions, a starting place for current and prospective farmers market managers and organizers looking to develop, expand, and improve their organizations.


USDA Programs for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Educational Resources and Loan information for beginning farmers and ranchers.



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The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition is an alliance of grassroots organizations that advocates for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities.




The Wallace Center supports entrepreneurs and communities as they build new, 21st century food system that is healthier for people, the environment, and the economy.