University of Iowa Partnership with RC&D


The RC&D partnership with the University of Iowa Office of Outreach and Engagement is designed to provide assistance for economic development, arts and culture development, environmental conservation and public health initiatives in communities within the RC&D regions across the state of Iowa. University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students, through community-based research, service-learning courses, and staff outreach, collaborate with RC&D staff and community partners on a variety of projects, workshops, and trainings that enhance the quality of life for citizens in these regions.

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Current Projects …

Farmers’ Market Grant Partnership

Southern Iowa Local Foods Initiative was recently awarded the 2015 federal Farmers’ Market Promotion Program grant for its Growing Farmers and Farmers’ Markets Project. The purpose of this project is to grow and promote six farmers’ markets in the seven-county Southern Iowa RC&D region through direct producer-to-consumer opportunities.

The University of Iowa’s film department will produce a promotional local foods video for this project that wil be distributed to 14 stakeholders in seven counties to be uploaded to the websites/Facebook pages of farmers, tourism entities and nonprofit entities.

Students will also design a regional farmers’ market brochures that will include all of the markets in the Southern Iowa RC&D region.

Iowa Now article: Celebrating southern Iowa Farmers’ Markets (Click to view)


Southern Iowa RC&D’s partnership with UI’s Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness class

Southern Iowa RC&D is partnering with the School of Management and Organizations in the College of Business for a Community Engagement Project. Professor Jill Smith specializes in non-profits and is teaching Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness during the fall of 2015. This course pairs students with RC&D’s across Iowa. During the course, students are tasked with identifying grants and key funding opportunities for RC&D’s in their key areas of interest.

Past Projects …

Romeo and Juliet Workshop comes to East Union

February 2017, Southern Iowa RC&D brought  University of Iowa’s Romeo and Juliet workshop to East Union students in Afton, IA, studying Romeo and Juliet. UI students, Skyler and Caitlin, taught the workshop to multiple classes, helping East Union students break down the language of the Shakespeare’s balcony scene while playfully engaging and interacting with students. Skyler and Caitlin ended the workshop by performing the balcony scene.


University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop – 2016


Southern Iowa Resource Conservation and Development (SIRC&D) brought the Iowa Writer’s Workshop to the Creston: Arts program June 6th and 7th.  Brian Zachary, from Creston: Arts, hosted the two-day-fiction writing workshop which took place at Gibson Memorial Library.  Twenty-two participants attended, ranging from grade four to adults.

University of Iowa (UI) graduate students, Raj Chakrapani and Anca Roncea, taught the workshops and because of its success, hope to return this fall for an encore.

It was the second time the Writer’s Workshop, sponsored by UI’s Art Share program, visited the area. Spring 2015, graduate students held a workshop for East Union students in Afton. That evening, they read their original poetry and fictional works at Creston’s First Friday Open Mic Night.

SIRC&D partners with the UI’s Office of Outreach and Engagement to bring a variety of quality of life projects to its seven county region which includes Adair, Adams, Clarke, Decatur, Ringgold, Taylor and Union.

For more information, contact Alexi Groumoutis at 641-782-4033 or visit

University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop – 2015

Elyse with University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop recites poetry. Credit: Creston News Advertiser.

Several graduate students from the University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop read their poetry and fictional works during First Friday’s Open Mic Night at Adam’s Street Espresso in uptown Creston.

Earlier in the day the same graduate students hosted a writers workshop with Melisa Crook’s language arts class at East Union School in Afton.

The University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop is nationally recognized as one of the best in the United States.


The University of Iowa Office of State Archaeologists Book Tour Stop


Iowa’s unique archaeological history came alive during the summer of 2015, as the authors of a newly released book from the University of Iowa Press, “The Archaeological Guide to Iowa”, toured the state and stopped at beautiful Corning Winery, bridging the past to the present.