Written by Southern Iowa Local Foods Coordinator, Alexi Groumoutis

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Publication Highlights

2012 Economic Impact of Local Foods in the Southern Iowa RC&D Region

Dale Raasch and his 24-year-old son Tyler take pride in working their two-main farming operation, the 40-acre Bridgewater Farm in Adair County. They market their products with confidence because they know they are high quality, healthy and sustainably grown. By creating new marking relationships and taking advantage of networking opportunities, they have reached new customers with their meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables. ​For more information, click here.

Southern Iowa Local Foods Initiative Community Food Profile

The Southern Iowa Local Food Initiative Community Food Profile, written by Local Food Coordinator, Alexi Groumoutis, is a compilation of economic and social impact data on the varying food sectors in the Southern RC&D Region. This food profile, which was funded by an Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship grant, looks at the varying food sectors in the Southern Iowa RC&D region, illustrating the positive impact local foods have on our communities. Please take the time to read this report (feel free to print it or forward it)and learn about your sustainably minded neighbors who are making Iowa a better place to live! For more information, click here.

2012 Featured Producer Profiles

Local Foods Coordinator Alexi Groumoutis interviewed specialty-crop farmers in the Southern Iowa region and published their stories to expand direct producer to consumer marketing opportunities. Iowa’s farmers are a vital part of our community and a central link in the supply chain for local foods. Learn more about these fascinating people and their farms. B&B Gardens Timber Ridge Cattle Co. Watson Farm Weisshaar Family Farm Wimmer Farm Zion Valley Farms Big Creek Farms Bridgewater Farms