Southern Iowa Local Foods Initiative's Mission

Southern Iowa Local Foods Initiative (SILFI) is working to build healthier, more prosperous communities by creating vibrant, regional, local foods systems. By supporting local farmers and growers, we can support sustainable food practices that improve food security, health, the environment, community ties and local commerce.

SILFI Farmers' Market Video

Southern Iowa Local Foods Council

Alexi Groumoutis, Local Foods Coordinator, formed Southern Iowa Local Foods Council in 2012. The food council provides a unique forum comprised of diverse stakeholders who meet monthly to discuss and work on projects and issues that revolve around local foods.

Current Members:

Alexi Groumoutis – Local foods Coordinator
Brian Zachary – Creston Farmers’ Market Manager
Dale Raasch – Bridgewater Farm
Victoria Brammer – Parents as Teachers Educator at SWCC

Regional Food System Working Group

Alexi Groumoutis, Local Foods Coordinator is a member of the Regional Food System Working Group. Representatives from more than 25 groups across Iowa meet quarterly to discuss and coordinate efforts to build more vibrant regional food systems.

Uptown Creston Food Crawl

Organic Ag Field Day

Alexi Groumoutis, Local Foods Coordinator

Office: 641-782-4033

Mailing Address:

609 New York Avenue, Suite B
PO Box 343
Creston, IA 50801

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Southern Iowa Local Foods Initiative

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