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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide project leadership and technical services to individuals, groups and communities to conserve, develop and sustain human and natural resources in southern Iowa through proper land conservation, water resource development, land management and community development.

Service Area

Service Area

History of SIRC&D


Southern Iowa Resource Conservation & Development was the first RC&D formed in Iowa. It was established in June 1968 and consisted of a four county area including Adams, Ringgold, Taylor and Union counties. Clarke county joined the SIRC&D in July 1968 followed closely by Decatur and Adair Counties in August 1968.

In December, 1968, a study was conducted in 51 towns throughout the seven county area to determine the needs of the community. The study concluded 29 towns indicated a need for additional water supplies, 32 towns had inadequate water distribution and sewage disposal systems, there was a demand for job opportunities in the agricultural sector, recreational opportunities and tourism was lacking, and there was a need to improve existing grasslands for meat production and shift land use to better suited functions.

By February 1969, six project areas were identified to be the focus of the SIRC&D project. The six areas included soil, water, plant, recreation, business and industrial, and human resources.


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Michelle Wilson

Executive Director

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Erica Petersohn

Program Management Assistant

Board of Directors


SIRC&D is overseen by a board of volunteer directors comprised of retired and active county supervisors and soil and water commissioners from the SIRC&D counties. Board of Directors’ Meetings are held monthly.

Robert Lundquist – Chairperson, Member-At-Large

Dennis Brown – Vice Chairperson Union County

Steve Knapp – Treasurer, Ringgold County

Chris Standley – Secretary, Adams County

VACANT - Adair County

VACANT - Clarke County

Sam Wengryn - Decatur County

Kim Jon Watson - Taylor County

Josh Waske - Member-At-Large

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