Current Projects

Clarke County Reservoir Commission

The Clarke County Reservoir Commission (CCRC) continues to work to build a new water supply reservoir to supply drinking water for Osceola, Woodburn, Murray, rural residents and other communities throughout Southern Iowa. The project includes building an 816 acre lake about four miles northwest of Osceola. About 2037 acres of land will be purchased for the reservoir and surrounding buffer area. The buffer area is required for dam safety and water quality purposes. This reservoir will provide a sustainable yield of 2.2 million gallons of water per day.

Land Treatment

As land is acquired for the reservoir project, land management projects are needed to preserve and enhance the existing natural resources.

On April 1, 2015, Southern Iowa RC&D staff hand-planted 0.63 acres of trees and shrubs into standing soybeans. The trees and shrubs were acquired from the state forest nursery and included a mixture of River Birch, Pin Oak, Chokeberry, and Redoiser Dogwood. RC&D staff maintained the tree planting through follow-up applications of Roundup and Pendulum AquaCap.

Image: Resource conservationist, Amy Holley, finishes planting a Redoiser Dogwood.

Watershed Assessment

In preparation for the development of a new water supply, assessments are underway to aid in the protection and management of the surrounding watershed. Working with land owners to implement proper conservation based land management practices in the watershed is crucial to ensuring good water quality in the future water supply reservoir.

​In February, Resource Conservationist, Amy Holley, completed an assessment of stream conditions along Squaw Creek within the Upper Squaw Creek watershed. A total of 7.11 miles of stream were assessed to determine the amount of bank erosion occurring along Squaw Creek. Along with bank erosion, erosion rates were assessed for gullies feeding into Squaw Creek. Survey data was recorded using a Trimble unit provided by the Iowa DNR. The data was processed into maps to be used in future watershed plans.

​Click here to visit the CCRC website for more information.

Past Projects

One Hundred and Two River Valley Authority

The Southern Iowa RC&D had a service provider agreement with the One Hundred and Two River Valley Authority to provide services related to the creation of a water supply reservoir. Services provided by the RC&D included participation in project coordination and planning, administration and financial management.

Gooseberry Lake Agency

From 2001-2009, Gooseberry Lake Agency worked towards the creation of a multipurpose lake in Ringgold County meant to serve as a water supply, flood control, and recreation site. The Southern Iowa RC&D assisted in organizing the 28E organizations for the Gooseberry lake project.

Rural Development Through Forestry

From 1990-2003 grants were acquired annually from the U.S. Forest Service for improvement of the forest and associated natural resources via business developments, special workshops, etc.

Three Mile Reservoir Agency

Three Mile Lake is the largest of the PL-566 earthen dams per pol size. Built in 1994-95, the 880 acre lake is located in southern Iowa in Union County, three miles north of Afton, Iowa. It is also the deepest of the reservoirs with a maximum depth of 56 feet, with an average depth of 16 feet.

The lake has boat ramps, fishing jetties, accessible pier, beach, picnic areas, RV and tent camping areas, year-round cabin rental, playground, trails, meeting lodge, and all-season restrooms with showers. It is surrounded by public lands for open space and upland hunting and birding. Three Mile Lake is named after Three Mile Creek that runs into it. The creek crossing was three miles from Mount Pisgah. Mt. Pisgah was a semi-permanent or way station from 1848 to 1852 for Mormons migrating along the Mormon Trail from Nauvoo, Illinois to their destination of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Three Mile Lake was constructed by Three Mile Reservoir Agency. The Southern Iowa RC&D provided the agency with accounting services. The services included administering grant and loan activities, preparing annual audits, maintaining checking accounts, maintaining legers, preparing reports and vouchers, and coordinating payouts. The RC&D also informed and assisted Three Mile Reservoir Agency in complying with all grant and loan laws and regulations and maintained records.

Iowa Mormon Trail Association

Several grants were acquired for signage, interpretative panels, wagon train, county park improvements, and local celebrations.

Waste Oil Fueled Heat Source

A DNR Landfill Alternate grant was received for Creston Greenhouse to convert from conventional heat system to waste oil heat fueled system. Administration and accounting were provided by Southern Iowa RC&D Area, Inc.